We support individuals and teams to improve relationships, solve tough problems and develop key leadership skills.

We work with:


For individuals and consortia involved in complex cross sector partnering initiatives who wish to improve their relationships, save time and reduce risks.

Senior Executives

For individuals looking to improve their leadership skills and career advancement prospects.

Small Business

For consultants and small businesses wishing to grow and sustain their operations.

As a mentor we offer knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom to our mentees by acting as a truly independent sounding board

Our mentoring programs focus on developing a longer term relationship between the mentor and mentee. They are conducted either face to face or remotely over a 3 - 6 month period. All our mentoring is entirely confidential unless agreed otherwise.

Testimonials from Mentees

Extremely grateful for the time and patience Ian offered. His coaching was invaluable to me
I thought the program was well designed but also flexible enough to be tailored to individuals circumstances
This is a very personal experience and the challenge of interpreting and meeting each individuals needs is something I think you do well. I would certainly recommend the program to others