As independent chairs and facilitators we support partners throughout the partnering process as a partnership broker, change agent and trouble shooter.

We Bring:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in multi sector/stakeholder change initiatives nationally and internationally

  • International best practice in cross sector collaboration and partnering

  • High level strategic analysis skills in complex issues 

  • Independence and strong process management skills

  • A proven track record of successful major change initiatives involving actors from different sectors

Our Approach:

Utilising our highly successful Partnering by Design™ methodology we provide a structured approach to collaboration, partnering and issues resolution.

This approach has its roots in the Local Government Reform process in South Australia in the early 1990’s. Ian Dixon was a key architect in this unique process, which resulted in the reduction of Local Government Councils in South Australia from 118 to 69 in 12 months through a voluntary process.

The methodology was further developed through our role as Independent Chair, Facilitator and Process Manager for the Native Title Resolution process in South Australia from 2000 to 2009 where Ian Dixon chaired the Main Table and a number of Side Tables as well as facilitated numerous Indigenous Land Use Agreements.