DIXON Partnering Solutions specialises in transformational cross sector partnering throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Partnering is much more than simply sponsorships or outsourced transactions. Done properly, Partnering by Design™ can reveal hidden potential, deliver sustainable benefits and create extraordinary outcomes, for business, the community and the economy.

DIXON Partnering Solutions have the depth and breadth of experience to nurture partnering skills that support business, government, community and education organisations to create, develop and sustain effective cross- sector partnerships.

From the mining sector to mental health, DIXON Partnering Solutions has worked successfully with organisations from all sectors to partner in solving complex social problems and designing sustainable development solutions.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our effective yet simple partnering approach has delivered significant benefits in areas such as primary healthcare reform, native title resolution, youth education and employment, regional development, resource development and environmentally sustainability.

DIXON Partnering Solutions is an independent partnership broker that aims to build the skills and knowledge of both individuals and organisations to realise the full potential of their partnering initiatives. For more on our unique partnering approach, please contact us.