Partnering Xtra™ modules are half and one day programs which are designed to explore specific partnering topics in more detail.

Topics available include:

Leadership and Creativity in Partnering

Leadership is a critical element in any organisational activity where we are seeking to achieve an outcome. But what does leadership look like in a partnering context? And how is it different from leading within an organisation?

One of the greatest potential benefits of cross sector partnering is to develop creative and innovative solutions to complex social challenges and issues. Cross sector partnering provides the opportunity of bringing together diverse groups of thinking that can be harnessed to explore new ways of doing business together.

This session  explores leadership within a partnering context and assesses the critical components of leadership required to stimulate innovation and creative solutions.

Getting Partner Buy-In

Effective cross sector partnering relies on building strong commitment and ownership between all partners as they move through the partnering process. Often we see partners who are keen to be involved in the early creating stage but when it comes to showing stronger commitment as we develop the partnership we find they are ‘sitting on the fence’.

This workshop will explore practical strategies to strengthen engagement, commitment and shared ownership within partner organisations as well as expanding engagement to external stakeholders.

Managing Transitions

Cross sector partnering involves many transitions as partners move along their partnering journey. This requires partnership brokers to be aware of and assist in managing these transitions. Whether it be moving from the more strategic creating stage to the operational development stage of a partnering initiative or project, or helping the partners to know when to move on, the role of the partnership broker is critical.

Knowing when and how to intervene or when to take a step back and let go in order to build partners capacity to partner  is the art of partnership brokering.

This workshop explores various strategies that partnership brokers can use to assist them in managing transitions successfully and strengthening their partners capacity to partner.

Further topics are being developed and will be released during 2014.

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