Partnering Essentials™ is a suite of partnering skills development programs specifically designed to educate and support people who want to achieve better outcomes from their partnering projects or initiatives.

ippThese products are based on leading edge knowledge and sound practical experience developed over many years. While focusing on cross sector partnerships involving one or more of the business, government, education or community sectors, the principles and practices can be applied to any form of partnering process.

The skills development programs are based on our three stage partnering process and take participants through all the steps of creating, developing and sustaining partnerships. These programs explore the key success factors of effective partnerships and the skills necessary to be effective partners, through a range of interactive discussions, presentations, case studies and practical exercises. In addition participants are introduced to a number of simple tools developed to assist in deepening their understanding of and effectiveness in partnering.

The programs range from half day introduction programs to more intensive 2 day programs and are designed to provide practical guidance on how to make partnerships work effectively.

  • The Foundations for Partnering(0.5 Day)

This program is ideal for those who wish to gain some basic understanding around cross sector partnering. It is focused on why there is a growing movement towards partnering to solve complex issues and challenges and starts to unpack what we mean by partnering. It also presents some simple frameworks around how to partner effectively

This 0.5 day program can be run for up to 50 – 60 people in a cabaret style setting and is often ideal for combining with conferences or other events or as a starting point to raise awareness in organisations

  • Getting Value from Partnering - (1 Day)

This 1 day program starts to go into greater depth regarding how to maximise value from cross sector partnering and how to ensure that there is ‘buy in’ and support for the partnering process by all partners

The program is focused on providing information and exploring concepts and approaches in more depth. It comprises interactive presentations together with case study exercises to highlight and explore key points

This program is ideal for groups of up to 30 people to enable greater interaction and discussion and again should be run in a cabaret style setting

  • How to Partner and Get Results - (2 Day)

This 2 day program is a much more in depth exploration of the ‘Why, 
What and How of cross sector partnering . The program includes the same concepts and frameworks presented 
in the 0.5 day program but then extends this information and focuses on each stage of the partnering process – Creating, Developing and Sustaining.

The program involves interactive presentations in plenary sessions, group exercises and a role play scenario which flows through the 2 days.

This program is focused on not only presenting information but in equipping participants with the necessary skills to partner effectively. The program is suited to groups of between 12 and 20 people with plenary sessions and group activities in cabaret style and role plays requiring break out rooms


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