We provide a range of short course and skills development programs specifically designed for those involved in cross sector partnering either as a partner or as a partnership broker.

IanDixon-whiteboardOur skills development programs fall into several categories, namely short half day introductory sessions, one day and two day short courses and then our more extensive international skills program conducted on behalf of the Partnership Brokers Association.

Our Programs include:

  • Partnering Essentials™

    Half day, 1 day and 2 day programs. These are conducted as both general access and in house programs, with tailoring available to suit specific partnering groups.....more>

  • Partnering Xtra™ Modules

    Half and one day programs – designed to explore specific topics in more detail, such as 'Leadership and Creativity in Partnering', 'Managing Transitions', 'Getting Partner Buy-In', and.....more>

  • Partnership Brokers Training

    4 day residential or non residential programs conducted on behalf of the Partnership Brokers Association. For more information on programs available in this region and globally go to the Partnership Brokers Association or learn more about this program .....more>