The Language of ‘We’

Heather - Featured ImageThere is an enormous amount of news, blog articles, research reporting and scholarly articles out in the world, right now, that explores and speaks to the potential of partnering. As part of the ongoing work at DIXON – collecting and sharing this knowledge for our stakeholders and alumni through the twitter feed and online library – I have been struck by how massive the partnering movement is.

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Enter the Broker

Enter The BrokerI am one of those people who has had to learn to delegate – it doesn’t come naturally. Whether it be cooking an omelette or preparing a tax return, I must fight a pervasive and persistent inclination that if I want it done right I must do it myself. This is, of course, wrong. I cannot possibly have more skill in preparing my tax return than an accountant who knows the tax system inside out. Of course I could cook a better omelette than the excellent short order cook at the cafe up the road, but I would be depriving myself of valuable newspaper reading time by insisting I do it myself.

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