Getting started with partnering

starting-2The practice of working with organisations from different sectors is gaining momentum. Whether it be to make better use of resources, drive innovation or to solve tough intractable problems. But how we go about starting this process can have significant impacts on how sustainable the partnering will be and what it will deliver.

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Partnering in Mental Health

In June this year Ian Dixon travelled to Roma in South West Queensland to conduct a 2-day Partnering Workshop for Senior Managers around ‘Partnering in Mental Health’. The workshop was initiated by the Darling Downs and South West Queensland Partners in Recovery program and co-sponsored by Aftercare and Uniting Community Care. The brief for this workshop was to impart cross sector partnering knowledge and skills to the group but also to enable a focus on practical issues around mental health in South West Queensland.

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Enter the Broker

Enter The BrokerI am one of those people who has had to learn to delegate – it doesn’t come naturally. Whether it be cooking an omelette or preparing a tax return, I must fight a pervasive and persistent inclination that if I want it done right I must do it myself. This is, of course, wrong. I cannot possibly have more skill in preparing my tax return than an accountant who knows the tax system inside out. Of course I could cook a better omelette than the excellent short order cook at the cafe up the road, but I would be depriving myself of valuable newspaper reading time by insisting I do it myself.

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