We work with partners to build their partnering skills and capability to deliver effective partnerships.

Partnering is not easy. It can be extremely challenging navigating the maze of relationships that occur through a partnering process that can take place over several years.

Many partnerships fail to deliver because the partners do not have clear understanding of just how to partner. Often there has been little or no discussion internally about what the organisation means by partnering and how they should go about it.

Partners come to the partnering table with vastly different levels of knowledge, skills and experience around partnering. These large variation in capability can hold back the partnering process and frustrate other partners.

To get results all partners need to have strong partnering capability and be able to interact effectively with their other partners. There needs to be strong engagement , commitment and shared ownership if partnerships are going to be sustainable.

Our Stronger Partners™ program is designed to build capability throughout partnering organisations to ensure the buy in that is needed to achieve results. We work with partners to design a tailored approach frothier situation which may involve; developing a common language around partnering; developing partnering guidelines and frameworks; providing skills development; coaching and mentoring; together with reviewing and evaluating progress.

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