March 6, 2018 – March 7, 2018

Partnering Essentials™ – Adelaide

This 2 day program offers clear presentation of key partnering concepts, together with interactive discussions, hands on exercises and a case study simulation to develop your partnering skills.

Topics covered

  • Why partner? An understanding of what partnerships are and the risks and benefits of this approach
  • The DIXON Partnering Process - The stages of partnering and how to get results
  • Creating a partnership - what to do in the early stages, including getting 'buy-in' and partnering agreements
  • Developing a partnership - how to move the partnership forward including skills in interest-based negotiation and partnership management
  • Sustaining a partnership - how to review the partnership and keep things on track
  • Tips and techniques for dealing with partnering issues as they arise
  • Getting action - bringing it all together

Who should attend?

This is a practical program designed for people who are directly involved as a partner in cross sector partnership or who may be about to consider such a partnering approach.  It is also suitable for people who wish to gain a greater understanding of cross sector partnering - what it is and how to make it work.

Download the Brochure here

How to register?

Take the next step to expand your expertise in the innovative area of partnering.  Register now by completing the registration form in the brochure and returning to:

  • BY POST:  Dixon Partnering Solutions, Level 2, 70 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide  SA  5000

Partnering Essentials Tour 2013

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