Are your partners in a straitjacket?

56862736db3e39302a7d02322347b2efHave you ever been frustrated when trying to get a partnering initiative moving only to find that your partners are not able to make decisions or commit to anything. They act as if they are in a ‘straitjacket’ with no room to move on anything. In my experience this is not uncommon and can have major impacts on whether the partnering can actually deliver.

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Looking for transformation?

SplitShire-2404 - Transformation BlogTransformational” change is becoming widely used and promoted as the new buzz phrase. Everywhere we look we see cities and communities wanting to ‘transform’ and have their economies revitalised or organisations trying to solve complex social and environmental issues through transformational change.

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Blurring the boundaries – how far will this go?

cool background 10Today we are seeing a greater blurring of boundaries between the business, government and community sectors. The growth of the digital economy and the disruption taking place in so many industry areas is turning business models upside down, forcing us to recalibrate the traditional roles that sectors, industries and organisations have played in the past.

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