Are your partners in a straitjacket?

56862736db3e39302a7d02322347b2efHave you ever been frustrated when trying to get a partnering initiative moving only to find that your partners are not able to make decisions or commit to anything. They act as if they are in a ‘straitjacket’ with no room to move on anything. In my experience this is not uncommon and can have major impacts on whether the partnering can actually deliver.

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Community Partnering in Townsville

IMG_0113When visiting Townsville recently I participated in a Community Learning Day, which focussed on ‘Partnering and Collaboration in Todays World’. While the major part of the day session was imparting some greater knowledge and skills to participants, as part of this day we heard some great examples of local cross sector partnering in the region and shared some of the key learning’s from these initiatives.

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