Blurring the boundaries – how far will this go?

cool background 10Today we are seeing a greater blurring of boundaries between the business, government and community sectors. The growth of the digital economy and the disruption taking place in so many industry areas is turning business models upside down, forcing us to recalibrate the traditional roles that sectors, industries and organisations have played in the past.

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The conversation you need to have

monks arm in armMany organisations today promote partnering as a way of doing business and if you look at their promotional material you will see the word partnering mentioned many times. But how many of these organisations really have a good understanding of just what partnering is and how they should be going about it? Are they really positioning themselves to gain maximum value from their partnering initiatives?

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Partnering in Mental Health

In June this year Ian Dixon travelled to Roma in South West Queensland to conduct a 2-day Partnering Workshop for Senior Managers around ‘Partnering in Mental Health’. The workshop was initiated by the Darling Downs and South West Queensland Partners in Recovery program and co-sponsored by Aftercare and Uniting Community Care. The brief for this workshop was to impart cross sector partnering knowledge and skills to the group but also to enable a focus on practical issues around mental health in South West Queensland.

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